fabedu 12/29/2013

  • “OpenClass is a dynamic learning environment that helps educators bring social learning and experiences to their students. It’s open to everyone, easy to use, and totally free.”

    tags: lms openclass opensource elearning cms

  • “Dokeos, the flexible, enterprise-ready e-learning software
    Need to build a sophisticated learning program? You will be happy to rely on an all-included software suite where all steps of the project fit with one another. Storyboarding, authoring, quiz building, reporting administration, assessment, videoconferencing, training catalog and shop. Dokeos offers a complete and flexible palette of software tools.”

    tags: cms opensource lms elearning dokeos software

  • “eFront is a modern learning and training platform designed to help create online learning communities with opportunities for rich interaction. It comes with a distinctive icon-based user interface that is intuitive to use. The platform offers a wide range of features from content creation, test builder, project management, extended statistics, many communication tools, payments support, social extensions and more. It is a SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004/4th edition compliant and certified system. eFront is a multilingual platform offered in 40+ languages.

    Several features of the platform (e.g., skills management, organization structure, supervisor role) make it especially suitable for inner organization usage, especially at training or human resource management departments.”

    tags: wiki efront lms

  • “Looking at the ten blog posts that really grabbed our attention 2013, I’m struck by how many of these are timeless topics for teachers. It’s obvious that teachers, rather than being told what to do, prefer clear examples of how it’s being done successfully today. Every one of these posts revolves around big-picture concepts with specific how-to’s”

    tags: edutopia posts education

  • “The core of eFront is distributed as an open-source project. We have created a superior training product and we are not afraid to let you try it! The open-source edit of eFront will cover a wide range of your needs. If you are looking for a specialized solution then take a look at different efront editions.
    Support & Community
    The open-source version of eFront is supported from a friendly community. You may either visit the forum, check the documentation wiki or visit our blog. We also have a vast amount of video tutorials that cover most eFront aspects.

    tags: lms opensource

  • “vocational training
    EUROGUIDANCE Flanders (Vlaanderen) exists to promote mobility and to develop the European dimension in guidance. There are EG centres all over Europe. Euroguidance Flanders is part of the DBO: (Vocational Training Service), an agency of the Department of Education and Training in Flanders (Belgium). Being part of the entity Institutions and Students of Secondary and Adult Education, the DBO deals with vocational training, in the broadest possible sense.”

    tags: training pinterest board eu

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