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 la piattaforma didattica dedicata all’erogazione di corsi on line sull’utilizzo e l’impiego dei più diffusi software open source per la scuola. I corsi sono rivolti ai docenti di tutti gli ordini di scuola e sono organizzati in quattro categorie, ciascuna delle quali identifica un ordine scolastico

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  • “Piloting Blended Learning at ERES Academy with Education Elements
    Always pushing the boundaries on innovation in teaching and learning, Aspire began to explore blended learning and, in the fall of 2011, piloted blended learning at ERES Academy in Oakland. The ERES Academy serves about 220 students in grades K-8. The student population is 98 percent Hispanic, 97 percent free and reduced-price lunch and 60 percent English Language Learners.”
    According to Liz Arney, the Director of Innovative Learning, Aspire investigated a variety of models and decided on the classroom rotation model as the best fit with Aspire’s instructional model.  In the rotation model, students are either working in a small group with a teacher, working independently with a partner or small group, or working on a computer with an adaptive software program.  The students rotate between these three stations during a given class period.

    Aspire turned to Education Elements to help them operate their blended learning program. The pilot program leverages Education Elements’ software platform to facilitate the integration of digital content and applications

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  • “Blended Learning

    Blended learning is the transformative educational innovation of our time and has the potential to significantly improve K-12 education throughout the country.  At its core, blended learning is the effective use of education technology to transform the learning experience for students.

    Defining Blended Learning
    Teacher Voices

    The Learning Accelerator focuses specifically on three core elements of blended learning:  personalized learning, mastery-based progression, and the effective application of technology to make these possible at scale. “

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  • “Our mission is to transform K-12 education by accelerating the implementation of high-quality blended learning in school districts across Americ”

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  • “Learning/WebLiteracyStandard WIKI
    An open learning standard comprising the skills and competencies people need to read, write and participate effectively on the web.”
    Where do you go if you want to get better at your web skills? How do you even know what’s important to learn? The Web Literacy Standard comprises a map of competencies and skills that Mozilla and our community of stakeholders believe are important to pay attention to when getting better at reading, writing and participating on the web. The Web Literacy Standard is part of Mozilla’s ongoing goal to create a generation of webmakers – those who can not only elegantly consume but also write and participate on the web. …Read more

  • “The Web Literacy Standard (specification)
    The Web Literacy Standard is a map of competencies and skills that Mozilla and our community of stakeholders believe are important to pay attention to when getting better at reading, writing and participating on the web.

    Keep up to date with the latest changes to the Web Literacy Standard on the wiki.”

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  • Connected Educators is the online home of the Connected Online Communities of Practice (COCP) project. In collaboration with a wide range of educational organizations and educators, COCP is increasing the quality, accessibility, and connectedness of existing and emerging online communities of practice.

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  • “On the last day of October, we’d like to offer a little “treat” to all the great educators who follow Getting Smart. In lieu of Halloween candy, here is our roundup of the Connected Educator Month posts we shared this past month just in case you missed any. And, just like Halloween candy, you don’t have to over indulge immediately. Instead, you can bookmark these, take some time to read all 20 and let October be the month that inspires you to strengthen and grow your connected professional learning community all year long.”

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  • “My Voice
    A Pearson Foundation Initiative
    Welcome to My Voice, a learning community that helps you take student voice to a new level. Together, we are discovering how student aspirations can start a student-centered process of discovery, collaborative community, and action that’s unique for every school. 

    How can we build student aspirations and ignite academic motivation?”

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  • “Game-Based Learning
    Sponsored by Filament Games
    Co-hosted by edWeb.net and the Education Division of Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA).

    Game-Based Learning is a professional learning community (PLC) that provides educators, game developers, researchers, and industry executives with a place to learn, ask questions, discuss topics, and share information about games and learning. 

    The community hosts free monthly webinars and live chats with leaders in the field that are highly engaging and interactive.  Online discussions provide an easy way to continue the conversation and share ideas and experiences with peers across the country, and around the world.”

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  • EdWeb Webinars calendario

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  • Connect with Colleagues in Education, Create Professional Learning Communities, Collaborate on Goals and Initiatives, Support for New Teachers, Practice 21st Century Skills

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  • an online community of practice about innovative strategies for providing access to online environments in educatio

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  • “MERLOT is a free and open peer reviewed collection of online teaching and learning materials and faculty-developed services contributed and used by an international education community.”
    MERLOT is a free and open online community of resources designed primarily for faculty, staff and students of higher education from around the world to share their learning materials and pedagogy.

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